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Prospect Point is an attached housing development located in Villa Hills, Kentucky. Prospect Point is located on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River approximately 5 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio & approximately 3 miles west of Interstate 75.

Ohio River

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Welcome to Prospect Point Homeowners Association

Prospect Point is a park-like community of landominiums. A landominium is similar to a condominium, but the resident owns the physical building and the land upon which the building sets. A Homeowners Association is responsible for the service and maintenance associated with all of the common areas of the complex.

There are 365 individual units in 77 separate buildings. Styles range from single floor units, two floor units and three floor units. Bedrooms range from two to four and square footages go from 800 square feet to 2800 square feet. Many units are located directly on the river bluff and have a magnificent view of the Ohio River.

The development was completed in 1976 and at that time land was not at a premium as it is today, resulting in very large open common areas surrounding the buildings creating a park-like atmosphere through out the development. Community facilities include two beautiful lakes with fountains and fishing for residents, swimming pool, tennis courts and a community clubhouse.

Prospect Point is a short distance from many high-quality amenities such as quality public and private schools, churches, diverse shopping areas and recreational facilities. Downtown Cincinnati is only approximately five miles north and the Greater Cincinnati – Northern KY Airport is a fifteen minute drive.

River View

Announcements & News

If you have not already had your pool fob activated, you must now go to Rentz Management for activation. In order to gain access to the pool, ALL residents must have a key fob activated for 2014.  ALL key fobs are deactivated at the end of each year’s pool season.  All homeowners must sign an application again this year in order for their existing pool fob(s) to be reactivated this season. 
Once the application is signed it is sent to Rentz Management for approval.  To have your application approved, all HOA fees & any assessments must be paid up to date as well as a current Proof of Insurance must be on file with Rentz Management.  

Pool Fob Key Activation Costs:
If this is the first time you are applying for a key fob:
You get 1 fob free of charge; a 2nd fob can be purchased for $10(Homeowners can have up to 2 fobs; Renters only 1 fob)
If you had a key fob last year and you only need yours activated this year, there is no charge; activation is free. If you need a replacement fob, the cost is $25
WARNING:  A key fob can and will be deactivated without notice if the key fob holder or their guests violate any of the Pool Rules or the homeowner fails to stay current on all fees/assessments and proof of insurance.

Upcoming Calendar Events

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Clubhouse Rentals

Rhonda is booking Clubhouse reservations! All clubhouse rental dates are now booked on the website calendar. Check availability on-line before calling Rhonda. Don't delay reserve today. Call Rhonda @ 859.426.0973 or email her at .

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